Second Generation

Family of Jacob PRILLAMAN (1) & Waltpurgelly "Priscilla" HELM?

2. Jacob PRILLAMAN Jr. Born in 1752. Jacob died in Miami Co., Ohio abt 1840; he was 88. Occupation: elected Overseer of the Poor in June 1796, surveyed roads. Served in the military.

Jacob Priliman, Jr. paid tax on 7 horses and 8 cattle in the 1782 Henry County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List. In 1786, his residence was now considered to be part of Franklin County and he was taxed on 4 horses and 9 cattle (none of his sons were old enough to be a part of "males over 21" in this tax record). Jacob moved to Ohio with his family in 1808.

Abt 1770 when Jacob was 18, he first married "Barbara" Catherine SNIDOW, daughter of John (Jacob?) SNIDOW (1729-1771) & Elizabeth HELM. Born on 28 Oct 1752 in Lancaster Co., PA. "Barbara" Catherine died bef 1796; she was 43.

They had the following children:

8i.John (>1770-)
9ii.Christian (1772-1839)
10iii.Daniel (ca1775-ca1840)
11iv.Ann (1777-1852)

abt 1776 when Jacob was 24, he second married Sarah "Sally" BRADLEY1. Born abt 1753 in England. Sarah "Sally" died in 1835; she was 82.

Sarah married her first husband, an English sea captain, at the age of 14. He was lost at sea, and she was persuaded to come to America. When the ship harbored at Virginia a "Hollander" by the name of Prillaman came to the ship to "buy a wife" for his son, Jacob. It was the custom for girls to be thus sold to service to the man who could pay their passage. In this case, The Captain was prevailed upon to sell Sarah to Mr. Prillaman and she was brought to the Prillaman home, where she remained until her marriage to the son, Jacob. She was described as a small woman, very active and intellectual with beautiful features.

They had the following children:
12i.Elizabeth (1780-1849)
13ii.Mary "Polly" (~1785-)
14iii.William (1789-1865)
15iv.Barbara (>1790-)
16v.Prudence (~1791-)
17vi.Susannah (~1795-1865)

3. John PRILLAMAN. Born abt 1754. John died on 4 Apr 1842; he was 88.

John Prilliman paid tax on 10 cattle in the 1782 Henry County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List.
In 1786, his residence was now considered to be part of Franklin County and he was taxed on 3 horses and 11 cattle.

Will of John Prillaman

On 30 Jul 1810 when John was 56, he first married Lucy WILKSON. Born abt 1768 in Nelson Co., VA. Lucy died in Franklin County, Virginia on 1 Dec 1853; she was 85.

They had one child:
18i.Frances Wilkerson

John second married Unknown.

They had the following children:
19i.Elizabeth (1781-1855)
20ii.Jacob (1783-1852)
21iii.Catherine (1785-)
22iv.Isaac (1788-1873)
23v.Ann (1790-)
24vi.Abraham (1793-1853)
25vii.Susannah (1795-)
26viii.Barbara (1797-)

4. Daniel PRILLAMAN. Born on 5 Dec 1758. Daniel died on 6 Jan 1854; he was 95. Buried in Marshall Prillaman Farm, Henry, Virginia. Occupation: supervise the survey of roads, Overseer of the Poor, served on juries.

Daniel Brilliman paid 1 tithe on 4 horses and 11 cattle in the 1782 Henry County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List.
The home of Daniel Prillaman burned in 1911 destroying the family bible. The house was rebuilt using the same chimneys. Daniel built the Black Powder Mill on Daniels Run which later was destroyed in an explosion.2

abt 1777 when Daniel was 18, he married Ann 0'BRIANT, daughter of Dennis O'BRIANT (-aft 1793). Born on 9 Feb 1758. Ann died on 26 May 1850; she was 92. .

They had the following children:
27i.Jacob (1778-1858)
28ii.Dennis (1780-)
29iii.John "Jack" (1782-1853)
30iv.Elizabeth (1788-<1811)
31v.Judith (~1790-)
32vi.Susan (~1794-)
33vii.Daniel (1791-1844)
34viii.Ann "Nancy" (~1798-)
35ix.David (1799-1858)
36x.Ruth (1802-1896)

5. Barbara PRILLAMAN. Born in 1764. Barbara died in Blacksburg, VA on 4 Feb 1848; she was 84.

On 14 Feb 1782 when Barbara was 18, she first married Philip SNIDOW, son of John (Jacob?) SNIDOW (1729-1771) & Elizabeth HELM, in Henry Co., VA. Born in 1756 in Lancaster Co., PA. Philip died in Jul 1792; he was 36. Served in the military.

At the age of 18 (1774), he survived an Indian raid (two of his siblings were captured). Philip served in the revolutionary army in Capt. John Lucas' Company. He and his wife Barbara lived in what is presently Giles Co., VA. Administrators account of the deceased was returned Sept 1792. Among the items listed were silver shoe buckles.

They had the following children:
37i.Nancy (Lucy) (1783-1873)
38ii.Christian "Blacksmith" (1787-1861)
39iii.William Melvin (1788-1864)
40iv.George (1790-1865)

On 17 Jul 1793 when Barbara was 29, she second married Christian MARTIN, in Franklin County, Virginia.

They had the following children:
41i.Hannah (1799-)
42ii.James (1801-1861)
43iii.David (1804-)

6. Anne or Anna PRILLAMAN. Anne or Anna died aft 20 Nov 1847.

On 25 Jun 1788 Anne or Anna married Jacob SOWDER, in Franklin County, Virginia. Born abt 1734. Jacob died in Montgomery Co. VA in May 1819; he was 85.

He lived in Montgomery Co., VA Said to have been a Mennonite. Family legend says Jacob Sowder and a neighbor became enraged by the British Army's trespassing on their land and decided to join the Continental Army. He entered the service 3/6/1778, Served in the 4th Virginia Regiment ov Fooo (Continental line) as a private. During war, he was stationed at Valley Forge, Pa. and White Plains, NY . Jacob is buried in an unmarked grave on his farm on the Little River near Copper Hill Va.

Will of Jacob Sowder

They had the following children:
46iii.Daniel (1789-1854)
47iv.Anthony (1790-1853)
48v.Sarah (Sally) (1794-1854)
49vi.Catherine (Caty) (1800-1879)
50vii.John (1803-1864)
51viii.Rebecca (~1807-1885)
52ix.Cina (Sina) (~1810-)

7. Thomas HELM Sr. Born on 11 Jan 1773. Thomas died in Franklin County, Virginia on 5 Nov 1854; he was 81. Buried in St. Rt 642, Helm Cemetery, 2 m. W. of Callaway. . .

Thomas was raised from the age of seven by Jacob & Walburga Prillaman. When he was 21, Jacob gave him a horse, saddle, bridle, and saddle bags and Thomas was sent out on his own. By the age of 45 he had bought all of Jacob Prillaman Sr. 1000 acres. Before 1854, he was the wealthiest man in Franklin Co owning about 10,000 acres, (some now under Philpott Lake and other along the Blue Ridge Parkway) all of which were paid for with cash. He owned five plantations. When he died he had $9000 in his pocket. He had a passion for horses and horse racing. His primary residence burned down in 1880.2
Judge Norborne Taliaferro wrote the will of Thomas Helm.

Listed on the 1850 census of Franklin County as a farmer, age 77, with property valued at $10,000.

On 13 Aug 1795 when Thomas was 22, he first married Mary (Molly) WEBB, daughter of Cuthbert WEBB (1726-1778) & Mary "Molly" BURTON (bef 1749-), in Franklin County, Virginia. Surety-Theodorick Webb (her brother) Minister-Randolph Hall. Born abt 1775. Mary (Molly) died in 1807; she was 32.

They had the following children:
53i.Nancy (1796-)
56iv.John (1803-)
57v.Sarah (Sallie) (1799-1874)
58vi.Fleming (1805-1858)
59vii.Lucy (1806-)

On 7 Mar 1808 when Thomas was 35, he second married Elizabeth PRILLAMAN (30) , daughter of Daniel PRILLAMAN (4) (5 Dec 1758-6 Jan 1854) & Ann 0'BRIANT (9 Feb 1758-26 May 1850), in Franklin County, Virginia. William Smith-minister. Born in 1788. Elizabeth died bef 5 May 1811; she was 23.

They had the following children:
60i.Daniel Prillaman (1809-1896)
61ii.Polly (~1811-)

On 15 Aug 1812 when Thomas was 39, he third married Olivia SMITH, in Franklin County, Virginia.

They had the following children:
62i.Thomas S. (-<1854)
63ii.Samuel S. (1816-1858)

On 23 Apr 1832 when Thomas was 59, he fourth married Sarah/Sally LEMON, in Franklin County, Virginia. surety Isaac Lemon. Born in 1798. Sarah/Sally died in 1871; she was 73. .

Listed on the 1850 census of Franklin County as Sarah age 52.

They had the following children:
64i.Lavinia Jane (1833-1882)
65ii.Elizabeth Ellen (1834-1857)

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