Third Generation (Continued)

Family of John PRILLAMAN (3) & Unknown

19. Elizabeth PRILLAMAN. Born in 1781 in Franklin County, Virginia. Elizabeth died in Ohio in 1855; she was 74.

In Nov 1805 when Elizabeth was 24, she married Moses FULLER, son of Northrup FULLER (8 Apr 1750-) & Polly or Mary WINTERS, in Franklin County, Virginia. surety John Winters. Born on 4 Sep 1784 in Westchester NY. Moses died in Montgomery Co., Illinois on 25 Nov 1877; he was 93.

They had the following children:
131i.Catherine Ann (1814-1886)
132ii.Malinda (1815-1897)
133iii.Susan (1818-)
134iv.Clarissa (1821-1904)
135v.John Prillaman (1823-1904)

20. Jacob PRILLEMAN. Born in 1783 in Franklin County, Virginia. Jacob died in Saline Co. Arkansas on 20 Nov 1852; he was 69. .

Left Va. in 1820's, went to Rhea Co., Tenn. and then to Saline County, Arkansas (Hot Springs?)

Deed Book E, p508, Rhea County Tennessee. Land was given for the building of the Good Hope Baptist Church on August 1, 1829 "for the use and benefit of the old united Baptist Church of Christ Good Hope Meeting House" by Jacob Prillaman

The Prilleman home was on the North Fork of Saline River in Sec. 26, T1N R16W near the Old Union [Baptist] Church. Only the slave Cemetery remains of the homestead. Directions: Take Kirk Road to Bland [village] - turn right at Old Union Church. Take left at the next fork. Left at the next road goes to 'Jude' Hensley property. Go about 1/2 mile, ford creek. The Cemetery is to the left. All unmarked graves of the slaves of the Plantation. The site of the "big" house of the plantation is between the Cemetery and the main road. The Cemetery is about 400 feet from the creek - no markers, only large rocks used for headstones. Property is owned by Julius Hensley.

abt 1806 when Jacob was 23, he first married Elizabeth GRAYSON, daughter of William GRAYSON (1754-1801) & Rachel COOLEY (-1842), in Virginia. Born in 1787 in Montgomery Co. VA. Elizabeth died in Rhea County TENN in 1830; she was 43.

They had the following children:
136i.unknown daughter (~1808-)
137ii.John G (1810-)
138iii.Sarah (~1814-1855)
139iv.James (~1815-)
140v.daughter (~1817-)
141vi.daughter (~1819-)
142vii.daughter (~1821-)
143viii.Robinson (1824-1863)
144ix.daughter (1827-)
145x.Elizabeth (1831-)

On 23 Sep 1833 when Jacob was 50, he second married Desdamony GORMAN, daughter of John GORMAN (1783-12 Oct 1847) & Mary SANDUSKY (5 Aug 1785-4 Aug 1842). Born on 2 Jan 1803 in Newport TN. Desdamony died in 1840; she was 36.

They had the following children:
146i.Eliza Jane (1835-1907)
147ii.Jacob (1841-)

On 29 Oct 1842 when Jacob was 59, he third married Sarah TERRY. Born in 1799 in Tennessee. Sarah died in 1855; she was 56.

21. Catherine PRILLAMAN. Born in 1785.

On 6 Jun 1808 when Catherine was 23, she married George SUMPTER, in Franklin County, Virginia. surety John Prillaman.

22. Isaac PRILLAMAN. Born on 24 Aug 1788. Isaac died on 21 Nov 1873; he was 85.

Franklin County, 1850 census, page 121b; listed as 60 years old.

On 5 Jan 1824 when Isaac was 35, he married Ruth PRILLAMAN (36) , daughter of Daniel PRILLAMAN (4) (5 Dec 1758-6 Jan 1854) & Ann 0'BRIANT (9 Feb 1758-26 May 1850), in Franklin County, Virginia. surety by Thomas Helms. Born on 17 May 1802. Ruth died on 2 May 1896; she was 93.

Franklin County, 1850 census, page 133b

They had one child:
148i.Philip (1825-1872)

23. Ann PRILLAMAN. Born in 1790.

On 6 Jun 1812 when Ann was 22, she married John DENNIS, in Franklin County, Virginia. surety Abraham Prilliman.

24. Abraham PRILLAMAN. Born on 25 Feb 1793. Abraham died on 16 Apr 1853; he was 60.

Franklin County, 1850 census, page 121b.

On 4 Dec 1820 when Abraham was 27, he married Elizabeth PACKWOOD, daughter of Samuel PACKWOOD (1750-15 Aug 1824) & Elizabeth P. TURNER (abt 1750-2 Aug 1845), in Patrick County, Virginia. (bond). Born on 23 May 1791. Elizabeth died in Franklin County, Virginia on 19 May 1868; she was 76.

called "Grand Betsy"
Listed as 37 on 1850 census?
Franklin County, 1850 census, page 121b.

They had the following children:
149i.Elisha (1821-1879)
150ii.Dorothy (1823-)
151iii.John (1824-)
152iv.Elizabeth (1827-)
153v.Jacob (1828-1891)
154vi.Medad (1830-1916)
155vii.Andrew (1833-1867)

25. Susannah PRILLAMAN. Born in 1795.

never married

26. Barbara PRILLAMAN. Born in 1797.

moved to TN with her brother Jacob, was living in Rhea Co. in 1830. She and Henry moved from Rhea prior to 1840. She received a horse and a slave from her father at the time of her marriage but was not left anything in his will.

On 6 Oct 1823 when Barbara was 26, she married Henry HICKMAN, son of Joseph HICKMAN, in Franklin County, Virginia. surety Isaac Prillaman (her brother).

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