Third Generation (Continued)

Family of Anne or Anna PRILLAMAN (6) & Jacob SOWDER

44. Anna SOWDER.

On 10 Dec 1814 Anna married Josiah TERRY, in Montgomery Co. VA.

45. Joseph SOWDER.

Joseph married Elizabeth.

46. Daniel SOWDER. Born on 25 Dec 1789. Daniel died in Floyd County, Virginia on 4 Feb 1854; he was 64.

On 15 Apr 1823 when Daniel was 33, he married Martha SUMPTER, in Montgomery Co. VA. Born on 3 Sep 1798 in Montgomery Co. VA. Martha died in montgomery Co. VA on 20 Mar 1883; she was 84.

They had the following children:
221i.Elizabeth (1825-)
222ii.William Riley (1827-1893)
223iii.Edmond (1835-1837)
224iv.Jacob (1830-1858)

47. Anthony SOWDER. Born on 1 Jan 1790 in Franklin County, Virginia. Anthony died in Floyd County, Virginia on 29 Nov 1853; he was 63.

On 17 Apr 1816 when Anthony was 26, he married Sarah Catherine SNUFFER, in Montgomery Co. VA. Born in Jan 1784 in Berks Co. PA. Sarah Catherine died in Floyd County, Virginia on 16 Jul 1859; she was 75.

They had the following children:
225i.Polly (1817-)
226ii.Jacob (1819-1862)
227iii.Elizabeth Betsy (1822-)
228iv.William (1825-1899)

48. Sarah (Sally) SOWDER. Born on 25 Mar 1794 in Montgomery Co. VA. Sarah (Sally) died in Floyd County, Virginia on 22 Oct 1854; she was 60. Buried in Salem Church Cem., Route 221, Floyd Co., Virginia.

The part of Montgomery county in which they lived became a part of Floyd county in 1831 - the last three children were born in this new county.

On 26 Mar 1812 when Sarah (Sally) was 18, she married Henry POFF, son of Peter POFF & Elizabeth "Betsy" PICKLE, in Montgomery Co. VA. Born on 13 Feb 1792 in Montgomery Co. VA. Henry died in Floyd County, Virginia on 26 Apr 1854; he was 62.

Will: Will Book C, Page 191, Floyd County, Virginia
In the Name of God Amen
Whereas I Henry Poff of the county of Floyd County and State of Virginia finding myself far advanced in years. And weak in body tho of Sound Mind and meory I tak it to consideration And do make this last will and testament As follows to wit in the first place I will give and bequeath to my wife Sally One third part of my whole Estate to hold and use as long as She lives. And I will and give to my ___ two youngest Sons my whole plantation that is all my land to be Equally divided between my Son William and Joseph and I give them My Wagon with the land by William and Joseph paying the other legetees one hundred dollars to Each Namly my daughter Ann Shockey and my son James and Fleming Poff and my daughter Eliza Furrow and my daughter Lucinda Conner and my daughter Adeline Correll and my Son Samuel and my daughter Chariety Wimmer and Lydia Poff And I also give my daughter Lydia her horse and Cow and her bed and wheel and Saddle that she bought herself, And I give my son William One horse Saddle and bridle and one Cow And I give to my son Joseph One horse and Saddle and bridle and One Cow to make the three youngest children equal with the oldest children that is married and lift here and after my decease my will is that all my just debts funeral wrights to be paid out of my perishable property and that to be sold on a creadit of twelve months creadit and the ballance to be Equally divided Amongst all my children and no part of the money to be paid of the nine hundred dollars untill Joseph becomes of age And William and Joseph Must pay thre percent interest On the money Should I die before Joseph becomes of age Untill Jos? becomes of age and after the death of my my wife and my self. Then my will is that William and Joseph Shall pay the other legettes for their land two hundred dollars a year untill all is paid commencing twelve months after the death of me and my wife with thre? persent Interest untill all is paid As for the property that I give my oldest children nor? the property that I give to my three youngest children it shall not be given inn? at all As witness my hand and seal this twenty first day of January One thousand eight hundred and fifty four
Signed and sealed in the presents of us witnesses. his
Henry x Poff Seal
Enter lined? before signed and _____ mark
William Edward
Peter Guernant
Henry Shocky
At a Court of ________ Sessions? held for the County of Floyd at the Courthouse on the 22nd day of June 1854
This last Will and Testament of Henry Poff dec'd was proven by Peter Guerant and Henry Shockey Witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded Whereupon? No executor being named therein for reason appearing to the Court administration of the estate of the said Henry Poff Dec'd with the will _____
is committed to the Sheriff of this County.
J. W. Zentmeyer, C

They had the following children:
229i.James (1814-1865)
230ii.Fleming (1816-)
231iii.Eliza Elizabeth (1819-)
232iv.Lucinda (1822-)
233v.Adaline (1824-)
234vi.Ann (1826-)
235vii.Samuel (1828-)
236viii.Charity (1830-1891)
237ix.Lydia (1832-)
238x.William H. (1835-)
239xi.Joseph A. (1838-)

49. Catherine (Caty) SOWDER. Born on 15 Dec 1800 in Franklin County, Virginia. Catherine (Caty) died in Floyd County, Virginia on 15 Jul 1879; she was 78.

On 10 Feb 1824 when Catherine (Caty) was 23, she married Richard SUMPTER, in Franklin County, Virginia. surety: John Sowder.

They had one child:
240i.Letitia (1827-1865)

50. John SOWDER. Born on 4 Oct 1803 in Franklin County, Virginia. John died in Franklin County, Virginia on 4 Apr 1864; he was 60.

On 4 Sep 1830 when John was 26, he married Cynthia CRAIG, daughter of George CRAIG, in Montgomery Co. Born in 1815 in Franklin County, Virginia.

They had the following children:
241i.James (Jim) (1848-)
242ii.Jacob (1848-1922)
243iii.Charity (1852-)
244iv.Dorothy (Dolly) (1853-)
245v.Martha (1855-)
246vi.Mary (1857-)
247vii.Eliza (1859-)

51. Rebecca SOWDER. Born abt 1807. Rebecca died on 6 Oct 1885; she was 78.

On 6 Jan 1829 when Rebecca was 22, she married Cary GRAY, son of Edward GRAY, in Franklin County, Virginia. Born on 27 Oct 1805 in Montgomery Co. VA. Cary died in Floyd County, Virginia on 9 May 1890; he was 84.

They had the following children:
248i.William Riley
252v.Martha (1837-1905)

52. Cina (Sina) SOWDER. Born abt 1810.

On 30 Nov 1843 when Cina (Sina) was 33, she married Shadrack BARNES, in Franklin County, Virginia.

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