Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of Jacob PRILLEMAN (20) & Desdamony GORMAN

146. Eliza Jane PRILLAMON. Born on 20 Jun 1835. Eliza Jane died in Chappell, TX on 14 May 1907; she was 71. measles. .

She was born on a riverboat near Nashville. She was visited by her half-sister Elizabeth Prilleman Bolin in 1880's or 1890's in San Saba County.

On 5 Feb 1854 when Eliza Jane was 18, she married Jesse BRAZIL, son of Moses E. BRAZIL (1803-1872) & Matilda Jane ALLEN. Born on 5 Apr 1827 in Springfield, Illinois. Jesse died in Chappell, TX on 18 Jul 1888; he was 61.

They had the following children:
419i.Jacob Prillaman (1854-1861)
420ii.Moses Buckhannon (1856-1857)
421iii.Sarah Lerzie Desdamony (1857-1861)
422iv.Martha Luretta (1860-1947)
423v.Jesse Calvin (1865-1951)
424vi.Laura Ida (Never Married) (1869-1953)
425vii.Nancy Jane (Never Married) (1871-1955)
426viii.Nettie May (Never Married) (1874-1928)
427ix.Richard Allen (1877-1968)
428x.Rachael Ellen (1882-1882)

147. Jacob PRILLAMON. Born in 1841 in Hot Springs Co. Ark. . .

Volunteered for Confederate Service in 1861 and died of measles later in the war. Served in Cocke's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Company D. Entered as a sergeant. Listed as J. J. Prilliman.

On 19 May 1859 when Jacob was 18, he married Elizabeth CROW, in Saline Co., Ark. Born in 1839.

They had one child:
429i.Sarah E. (1860-)

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