Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of George W PRILLAMAN (108) & Delilah BLACK

392. Ethel Lillian "Etta Lilly" PRILLAMAN. Born on 16 Jul 1862 in Jay County, Indiana. Ethel Lillian "Etta Lilly" died in Indiana in 1944; she was 81.

Ethel Lillian "Etta Lilly" married Joseph William BOEHM. Born in 1858. Joseph William died in Indiana in 1929; he was 71.

They had the following children:
i.Lula (~1880-)

393. Helen Bell PRILLAMAN. Born on 25 Feb 1865 in Jay County, Indiana. Helen Bell died on 31 Dec 1929; she was 64.

Helen Bell married Harry MYERS.

394. William Ulysses Lincoln "Link" PRILLAMAN. Born on 16 Aug 1866 in Jay County, Indiana. William Ulysses Lincoln "Link" died on 15 Aug 1919; he was 52. Buried in Cove, Oregon. Occupation: Worked for the Union and Southern Pacific RR.

Killed by a train at Union Junction.

William Ulysses Lincoln "Link" married Pauline STACKLIN.

They had the following children:
i.Hazel Pearl (~1886-1900)
ii.Rolex P. (Twin) (1901-)
iii.Lexro B. (Twin) (1901-1970)

395. George Dick PRILLAMAN. Born on 21 Feb 1879 in Ohio.

396. Sarah Margaret "Maggie" PRILLAMAN. Born on 20 Apr 1884 in Mankate, Kansas. Sarah Margaret "Maggie" died in Happy Camp, California on 21 Jul 1958; she was 74. Buried in Prairie City, Oregon.

On 5 Dec 1899 when Sarah Margaret "Maggie" was 15, she first married David Bentley CONNER, son of Jacob CONNER & Manerva E. MAY. Born on 5 Dec 1868 in Cove, Oregon. David Bentley died in Eagle, Idaho on 8 Nov 1938; he was 69.

They had the following children:
i.Ella Lillian (1900-1976)
ii.Hazel Helen (1906-)

On 25 Feb 1918 when Sarah Margaret "Maggie" was 33, she second married John "Jack" Benjamin GARRETT. Born on 5 Apr 1886 in Salinas, Missouri.

They had one child:
i.Madalene Margaret (0191-)

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